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       5  International Conference

       February 04-06: The 5th International   The opening ceremony of the      • 3rd Prize ( Rs. 10,000/-)
       (Virtual) Conference titled “Together   conference was chaired by Dr. Attiya   Omer Nisar
       Towards  Tomorrow”  organized  by    Mubarik, the Chairman Punjab        For the post-graduate ceremony, the
       Shalamar Medical and Dental College   Healthcare Commission.             following were the prize winners:
       kept  its  tradition  alive  in  taking  an   The success of any academic activity   • 1st Prize ( Rs. 100,000/-)
       initiative  in  the  field  of  medical   lies in the encouragement of the   Dr. Muneeb Ather
       sciences  and  proudly  hosting  five   young minds to participate. This year   • 2nd Prize ( Rs. 75,000/-)
       successful International Conferences.   the  students  of  different  medical   Dr. Maryam Ashfaq
       The journey began with “Innovations   colleges   participated   in   the   • 3rd Prize ( Rs. 50,000/-)
       in Healthcare” in 2017 with 1138     conference as young researchers for   Ms. Zarrin Atif
       registered  participants  and  17    online presentations. These
       pre-conference workshops. In 2018,
       the  2nd  International  Conference
       “Beyond Horizons” was attended by
       2167  participants  and  had  42
       pre-conference workshops. The 3rd
       conference “Navigating the Future” in
       2019    had     3000    registered
       participants  and  the  number  of
       pre-conference workshops escalated
       to 49. In 2020, the 4th International
       Conference ‘Challenge of Change’
       was  attended  by  2700  and  1600
       participants  attended  49  hands  on   presentations  were  evaluated  by  a   The closing ceremony was chaired by
       workshops.                           committee  of  experienced  medical   Prof.  Rehan  A  Khan,  the  Assistant
       This year we took a step forward     professionals. They awarded the     Dean  Medical  Education  Islamic
       during the pandemic in 2020 and      following   presenters   in   the   International Medical College Riphah
       organized  our  5th  International   under-graduate category:            International University Pakistan. The
       Conference  as  a  virtual  conference   • 1st Prize ( Rs. 20,000/-)     conference concluded with the closing
       and received a mammoth response      Amal Iqbal Kazi                     remarks    of    the    Conference
       as the number of registered          • 2nd Prize ( Rs. 15,000/-)         Chairperson, Dr. Sarah Khaild and the
       participants  increased  to  6973.  The   Minahil Aftab                  Principal SMDC, Prof Zahid Bashir.
       conference had 26 pre-conference
       workshops  and  24  parallel  scientific
       The    keynote    national   and
       international  speakers  who  graced
       the  event  with  their  presence
       included Dr. Shahab Q.Khokhar, Dr.
       Wasim Lodhi, Dr. Westley H. Reeves,
       Prof. Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, Dr. Syed Faisal
       Mahmood,  Dr.  Abdul  Bari  Khan,  Dr.
       Mohammed M. Al-Eraky, Prof. Vishna
       Devi V. Nadarajah and Prof. Th. J.(Olle)
       ten Cate. The conference had 59
       invited speakers who enlightened the
       participants  with  their  diversified
       experience and served as a source of
       motivation  for  our  young  students.
       For the parallel sessions, 86 original
       research articles were presented and
       were well appreciated in the parallel     The speakers at the Shalamar Endocrine Master-Webinar 2020 held at the 5th International Conference
       scientific sessions.

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