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        Inauguration Ceremony of Medical and Surgical OPD

        February  12:  The  inauguration     ceremony were Mr.  Shahid
        ceremony of  the reconstructed       Hussain and Mr. Ibrar Mumtaz. On
        Medical  and  Surgical  OPDs  was    this   occasion,   the   hospital
        organized  by  Business  Planning    management gave special thanks
        and  Development  Department.        to our donor  and his  family for
        These OPDs were constructed by       serving the humanity.
        utilizing  the  Funds  provided  by
        Brig.  (R)  Anis  Ahmed  and  his
        family. The chief guests of the

        The Inaugration Ceremony of the Surgical/Medical OPD   The attendees of the Inauguration Ceremony pose for a group photo with the chief guests

        Renovation and Development of Gynecology Operation Theater Complex

        Established in 1988, the department   in  Gynae/Obstetrics  department,
        of  Gynecology  and  Obstetrics  at   there  was  a  need  to  develop  the
        Shalamar  Hospital  offers  diagnostic   Delivery  Rooms,  a  Post-operative
        evaluation  and  clinical  care  for  a   Care Ward and a Labour Room.
        comprehensive  range  of  female     Thanks to the generous contribution
        healthcare needs.                    from our donors, the renovation and   Operation Theater Complex is under
        As per the increasing patient workload   development of Gynecology         way at a fast pace.

                                         Under Construction Gynecology Operation Theater Complex

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