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      Diploma in Healthcare                                                       Hospital. With the help of our
                                                                                  donors  we  renovated  the  Alam
      Ethics and                                                                  Buksh Nursery and added 6 more

      Professionalism                                                             incubators    to   it.  We     are
      Shalamar Medical and Dental                                                 overwhelmed  by  the  support  of
                                                                                  our donors who made this
      College    was    successful    in                                          possible.
      obtaining approval for the plan of
      initiating   the   “Diploma     in                                          Completion of
      Healthcare       Ethics       and                                           Pediatric ICU
      Professionalism”     from      the                                          We are grateful to our donors who
      University of Health Sciences. This                                         helped us in the completion of our
      program  is  the  first  of  its  kind  in                                   Pediatric  ICU  project.  It  is  a
      Punjab with the other similar                                               modern 20 bedded ICU which will
      program being offered in Karachi.                                            help  our  hospital  to  provide  top
      Dr.  Sarosh  Saleem,  Assistant                                             quality  treatment  to  the  children
      Professor Bioethics, was the force                                          and save precious lives
      behind initiating this program and
      will now serve as its focal person.
      New Joining                          Endocrine       Research.      She
                                           completed  her  MBBS  from  Aga
                                           Khan  University  Medical  College
                                           Karachi    and     has    Pediatric
                                           Residency from University of Iowa
                                           and West Virginia University, USA.
                                           She has a fellowship in Pediatric
                                           Endocrinology from Baylor College
                                           of Medicine, Houston, Texas. Dr.
                                           Choudhry  is  the  only  US  trained
      Dr.  Saira  Elaine  Anwar  Khan  has   Pediatric  Endocrinologist     in
      joined Shalamar Hospital as an       Punjab.  She  has  over  15  years  of
      Assistant   Professor,   in    the   experience  in  treating  children
      Department of Rheumatology. She      with hormone disorder.
      completed    her    MBBS     from    Completion of Alam
      University of the Punjab, Lahore in
      2000 and MRCP from Royal             Buksh Nursery
      College  of  Physicians  from  UK  in   Renovation
      2009. She did her specialty
      Certification  in  Rheumatology       In  order  to  save  the  lives  of  new
      from  the  British  Society  of      born  babies,  a  State-of-the  Art
      Rheumatology & Royal College of      nursery was required in Shalamar
      Physicians, UK in 2013. She is also
      a member of the Royal College of
      Physicians, London.


      Dr.  Kiran  Siddique  Choudhry  has
      joined Shalamar Hospital as a
      visiting  senior  consultant  in
      Pediatric Endocrinology at Sakina
      Begum Institute of Diabetes &

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