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        World Diabetes Day

        November 14: To raise awareness
        about diabetes and its prevention,
        Sakina   Begum     Institute   of
        Diabetes & Endocrine  Research
        (SIDER)  in  collaboration  with  the
        Business Planning & Development
        Department at Shalamar Institute
        of Health Sciences celebrated the

                                             Dr. Maria Javaid, Head of SiDER, examining the patient

                                             World Diabetes Day. This year due to   COVID-19  pandemic”  emphasizing
                                             COVID-19,  the  activities  remained   the  importance   of  this   life
                                             limited on the day.                  threatening  disease.  In  addition  to
                                             Shalamar Hospital celebrated this    this, an online awareness session by
                                             day  by  displaying banners and      Dr, Rozina Arshad, Assistant Professor
                                             standees  at  various  key  locations   of SIDER, was organized in which she
          Sakina Begum Institute of Diabetes & Endocrine  throughout the area with the slogan   discussed the causes of diabetes and
              Research (SiDER), Shalamar Hospital
                                             “Don`t ignore your diabetes during   its preventive measures.

         World Epilepsy Day

        February 08: Keeping its tradition
        alive the Neurology department in
        collaboration  with  the  Business
        Planning     &      Development
        department            celebrated
        International  Epilepsy  Day  in
        order to  raise awareness of
        Epilepsy  among the general
        public.   Due    to    COVID-19
        pandemic, the activities remained
        limited on the day.
        The day was celebrated through
        awareness banners and standees
        that were placed inside & outside
        the   hospital   stressing   the
        preventive    and     controlling
        measures for this  disease.  The
        online  awareness session  and
        television   interview   of   Dr.
        Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman  Abid  Butt,
        Head  of  Neurology  department,
        was  also  organized  in  which  he    Dr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Abid Butt, Head of Neurology  Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Scan being
                                                  Department, consulting with the patient
                                                                                            performed on a patient
        briefed regarding  Epilepsy, its
        causes,  diagnosis  and  timely
        prevention of the disease.

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